Terra Astra is a book that lays out a foundational philosophy for childhood education for the 21st century. It's not about new edu-tech, or remote learning, or new buzz word fads. It's about our priorities, people, planet.


We need such a philosophical foundation because the current narratives of education—the procession of schooling that most of us experienced—emerged to attend to the massive changes of the 20th century, but are absolutely ill-suited for our future.


We need a new narrative of education—one which honors the well-being of the individual child, which honors the local needs and interests of communities, and which honors our meaningful participation as beings interconnected with this planet. Practicing a new narrative of education in our changing future, is something that children, parents, educators, and community stake-holders alike have been yearning for. 

The goal of Terra Astra is to empower families and communities to create an educational approach that will allow for the flourishing of children and our shared planet.

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Hunter Armstrong

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